You hit like a girl


(a message from one of our students)

Training with Krav Maga Philippines has been an amazing experience for me. Aside from learning how to protect myself it has physically and mentally pushed me far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. It continues to challenge me to work hard towards achieving goals in bettering myself as a practitioner and has the best team of instructors who inspire, motivate and teach me that anyone regardless of gender/age/size can learn Krav Maga. Most importantly, it has given me confidence in making the statement “You hit like a girl.” mean that I can have your groin served to you on a silver platter. Thank you KMP you guys are awesome!

Jackie Reyes
Krav Maga Philippines Practitioner
San Juan Branch



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Krav Maga is Hebrew for Contact Combat. It is a highly effective, battle and street tested Israeli system for self defense, used worldwide by civilians, law enforcement and the armed forces.

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