“So long as you are breathing, you must continue fighting.”


(a message from one of our Instructors)

It is in the feeling of shortness of breath that one would feel like throwing in the
towel, raising the white flag, and walking away—but to me, it is in these moments that
become the crucial turning point for one to keep persevering. This, to me, is the anthem for
Krav Maga. The unwavering spirit of a warrior is what embodies the Krav Maga system.
And in the seven years of training that I have had as a practitioner, Krav Maga has taught
me the most crucial aspects of life that go beyond the confinements of a classroom—
developing a proper discipline and mentality (in and out of training), learning the
importance of unity, and having the passion for constant improvement and self-growth.

There is an absolute beauty in the resilient spirit of a Krav Maga Global (KMG)
practitioner. It is individually personalised to one’s own movements during trainings, but it
is, on a larger scale, more unified in combat mentality—like different shapes and pieces of
a puzzle that when thought of in a macro-perspective form a single thought or idea of
intrepidity. This is something I’ve learned in my recent travel to the KMG Singapore
headquarters. In the week that I’ve stayed in Singapore, I have had the most wonderful
opportunity of having to meet and train under the Krav Maga Global Singapore family.
Coming to class the night after I had arrived, there was an extremely warm welcome; and
it’s quite an assuring thing for me to know that KMG works as one entire family—in the
sense that wherever we are, as long as we are from KMG, we are all one big family.
Visiting KMG Singapore made me realise that.

There were no competitions or rivalries. There were only teamwork and success. Training
with them felt both novice and nostalgic. I felt renewed, and at the same time reminded
about the reason as to why I started doing Krav in the first place and how I fell in love with
the art of the system. There is a culture of constant hunger for continuous learning in this
system, and there are no wrongs or mistakes, only moments in which we can improve
further on—and this, by extension, is the foundation for the standard we set as a Krav
Maga Global family.

Regina Ongsiako
Krav Maga Global – Philippines Instructor


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