Heavy Rain with a thunderous intent of crime

(a message from one of our instructors)

The rain does more than just cause traffic and make commuting harder for people. Because the rain can also be used by criminals with evil intentions to their advantage.

This is because when commuting in the rain, a person’s attention is focused on the rain, more specifically, staying out of it and keeping dry. But because of this, people might end up not paying too much attention to their belongings, which is something that criminals want, especially snatchers and thieves.

In heavy rain, low visibility can conceal a criminal intent on stealing something, and most people who are caught off guard will not always ignore the rain to give chase. This is worse when it’s night time, when heavy rains, coupled with the darkness, can make conditions really suited for a snatcher desperate for a quick score.

To help combat this, here are some tips that may improve your chances in keeping your things and yourself safe from harm.

1.) Even if it’s raining, don’t focus too much on your umbrella or keeping yourself dry, especially if you are carrying something valuable. Always be alert.

2.) For those who carry handbags, sling your handbag on the shoulder of the hand holding the umbrella. Not only does this keep your bag in the middle, and therefore dry, the umbrella also acts as an added defense against snatchers. Instead of just having to pull along the arm, the bag can be caught in the umbrella as well. It serves as a deterrent to would be snatchers.

3.) If you carry a backpack, keep the backpack in front of you, instead of at the back. This might not be fashionable, but it keeps your bag in your sight, and dry. This will make it almost impossible for slashers to slice the bag and steal something. The same goes for people who use sling bags.

4.) If you have a jacket, sling your handbag or backpack before you wear the jacket. This will add more protection to your belongings, keep it dry, and conceal it from thieves.

5.) if you can, invest in a good raincoat. Most of the good ones from good brands are thin, easy to store, durable, and most importantly, free you from using an umbrella, which also frees you from being distracted with it. Not only that, it covers your body better, and keeps you dry more.

6.) when walking in the rain, especially in heavy rain, avoid areas where visibility is low and there is low light. And if you have to wait out the rain, do it in a place with good lighting and is reputable and safe, like fast food chains with guards.

The rains won’t be stopping anytime soon, so follow these simple tips in order to keep your belongings and yourself safe. Do you have more tips in mind? Share them with us, and share this post to others as well!


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