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Whether you are thinking about attending your first Krav Maga lesson or you are already a regular, you will notice there is an emphasis on counterattacking.

A few months back a new student asked me, “Why are we striking so much, I thought this was self defense?”

That is exactly why we strike so much in Krav Maga, because it IS self defense.

Let me break it down for you in the same way I explained it to that student.

To do that, let’s start technical.

Krav Maga focuses on overlapping defenses, these are:

(1)    Hand Defense

(2)    Body Defense

(3)    Counterattacks

So how do these come together in a self defense situation?


You will notice that hand defense comes first. Why is this? Your hand, attached to your arm moves quicker than your body as a whole. You should be able to move your hand to block an attack quicker than you can move your body out of the way of that attack.


We don’t stop there, because as our hand is moving to block the attack, our body is also beginning to move out of the way of the attack. So, two things are happening at once. In theory, our hand will be able to block the attack and as that block is happening, our body has also moved outside of the channel of attack. This is body defense. Body defense comes second to hand defense, because the body is slower to move as a whole than the hand.

OK, great, wheeeew! So, we didn’t get hit…….for now.

We aren’t done yet, because attacks in real life don’t come one at a time, they most often come in combination, one right after the other. This means, your hand and body defense have only bought you more time, but have not solved the problem: You are still being attacked!


This brings us to the third overlapping defense, COUNTERATTACKS!

If you gain or remember nothing from this article, at least remember this: Counterattacking is the only defense that solves the problem and stops your attacker from continuing their attack.

Up until this point, you have done nothing to motivate your attacker to cease their attack. If you only continue with hand and body defense, you will eventually get hit. It will only deteriorate from there, especially if there are multiple attackers.

The motivation we provide attackers with to effectively persuade them to cease their attack comes in the form of strong, multiple counterattacks aimed at vital areas. All of these elements must be present.

Your counterattacks must be strong to be damaging to your attacker to obtain the desired effect. You must use multiple counterattacks to achieve what the military refers to as “overwhelming force;”   meaning that once your counterattacks start, they continue until your attacker is out of the fight and you can safely escape. You must target vital areas like the face, groin and knees. Remember, this is not sport fighting for points, they are trying to hurt you, and you need to do the same if you want to survive. So, no wasting time on striking non-vital areas.

Counterattack as soon as possible. Sometimes our counterattacks will happen simultaneously with our blocks. Do not waste time, do not delay in counterattacking.

Be violent! When you are being attacked, you need to be able to go from zero to one hundred in an instant, Jekyll to Hyde, Bruce Banner to the Hulk.

At Krav Maga Philippines, we give you the tools to carry out the techniques discussed above. We also train you so you can recall these techniques under extreme stress. Is it easy? No, it is not. Is it worth it? Yes, it is.

I look forward to seeing you at training!


Dan Lasher
Krav Maga Global – Philippines Instructor


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