Common Misconceptions About Krav Maga: Part 1

Hello everyone! Welcome once again, to the Krav Maga Philippines blog. Today, we’re going to talk about common misconceptions about KM. Now, while everybody is entitled to their own opinions, some of them are just plain false. It’s important to be truthful too.

One such misconception is that KM is about attacking first. Now, I’ve been practicing KM for a couple of months. I’ve also talked with a couple of instructors. I admit that in some techniques, the element of surprise is important, for example, the techniques where the practitioner is a hostage, or protecting a hostage.

Surprise is your ally when dealing with an armed attacker

I have however, never heard an instructor suggest attacking first. That’s just illegal, and starting fights that might get a practitioner injured, killed, or jailed, is not a part of a self defense system like Krav Maga. That’s why it has techniques for deescalating conflict!

Sure, one might know some brutal killing art from some exotic country. In the city, there are CCTV cameras and bystanders. One needs to be mindful of the local laws and public opinion, before letting lose a flurry of blows!


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