• Civilian_Feature

    Civilian Krav Maga

    The Civilian Krav Maga Course has multiple levels. Each level has techniques that build upon the concepts from the previous levels.
  • VIP_Feature

    VIP Protection Course

    As threats become more and more sophisticated, they increasingly target businessmen, political figures, Corporate Personnel and Executives and other VIPs.
  • Military_Feature

    Military and Law Enforcement

    The education and training programs are designed to create an integrated fighter-officer who will function appropriately under the most stressful conditions

KMP Updates

KMP Featured in The Score
Last July 14 and 15, Krav Maga Philippines (KMP) held a special seminar at the San Juan Gym, featuring Ilya Dunsky an Expert Level 4 Instructor and former LOTAR Counter Terrorism School Instructor.
Anatomy of an escape
How effective are Krav Maga techniques against a bigger stronger guy?
KMP T-Shirt at long last
Finally! Our New shirts are coming out and hopefully you will get to see them worn by our local practitioners soon.
KMP Women Empowerment Workshop a Success
Last March 15, Krav Maga Philippines held a women empowerment workshop called Unleash Your Instinct! The event was attended by over 50 female participants...
Krav Maga Training: Escaping Danger
Escaping danger is part of proper self-defense training. If one can avoid fighting, or cut the fighting short by disengaging and escaping, that is even better.
Heavy Rain with a thunderous intent of crime
The rain does more than just cause traffic and make commuting harder for people. Because the rain can also be used by criminals with evil intentions to their advantage.
Common Misconceptions About Krav Maga: Part 2
Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome once again to this week’s weekly update. Last week, the topic was about what other people think of Krav Maga.
Common Misconceptions About Krav Maga: Part 1
Hello everyone! Welcome once again, to the Krav Maga Philippines blog. Today, we’re going to talk about common misconceptions about KM.

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Krav Maga Philippines (KMP) is the local representative of Krav Maga Global (KMG), an organization acclaimed as the Source of Premier Krav Maga instruction worldwide.

Krav Maga is Hebrew for Contact Combat. It is a highly effective, battle and street tested Israeli system for self defense, used worldwide by civilians, law enforcement and the armed forces.

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